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Nicole Taylor & Susan Hogg

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"If something scares me, it's because I have to talk about it." Over the past five years, screenwriter Nicole Taylor and producer Susan Hogg have developed a fruitful collaboration. It has given rise to strong works that tackle difficult societal issues head-on with talent and success: cancer with The C Word, teenage sex trafficking with the series Three Girls. Their new series The Nest looks at the issue of surrogacy and its ethical and emotional stakes. Nicole Taylor and Susan Hogg reflect on their rich collaboration, their vision of fiction and the genesis of The Nest, recently broadcast on the BBC, in a rich and fascinating interview led by Caroline Palmstierna.

THE NEST In Glasgow, two worlds collide on the day a teenage girl makes a pact with a wealthy couple. But can Dan and Emily really trust this young girl and bet on her as their last chance to have a child?

Writer: Nicole Taylor Director: Andy de Emmony Producers: Nicole Taylor, Lucy Richer, Susan Hogg, Simon Lewis Executive Producer: Clare Kerr Production: Studio Lambert for BBC One (UK) in association with all3media International Year of release: 2020 Casting: Martin Compston, Sophie Rundle, Mirren Mack, Shirley Henderson, David Hayman, Fiona Bell, Katie Leung, James Harkness Distribution: all3media International

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