• 58 min

Speakers :

Belgium / VRT/en, NPO/KRO-NCRV

After the world survived the outburst of a deadly virus, a new society is created, called Arcadia. Because resources in this new world are scarce, a Citizen Score is introduced. It determines your rights and entitlements. People are forced to stay healthy and efficient. We follow the life of a family that’s able to enjoy a good life because of their high score. Everything changes when the father is deported because he tricked the Algorithm that controls the Citizen Score. The women are punished with penalty points which lower their score severely. Will they survive in this world, where the powers that be use the Citizen Score to control people? 

Original idea: Bas Adriaensen, Philippe De Schepper Screenwriters: Bas Adriaensen, Philippe De Schepper, Zita Theunynck Director: Tim Oliehoek Production: jonnydepony Producers: Helen Perquy, Philippe De Schepper Broadcasters: VRT/en, NPO/KRO-NCRV Format: 8 x 48'. Date of broadcast: 2023

Contact: Helen Perquy, Producer