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Anita Briem & Hordur Runarsson

  • 24 min

Speakers :

Female gaze and women's voices

We've seen her in numerous films and TV series, including Doctor Who, Journey to the Center of the Earth and, above all, The Tudors, in which she played Queen Jeanne Seymour. After an intense career in Great Britain, Aníta Briem returned to her native Iceland, where she has continued to play leading roles, including Trapped, presented at Fontainebleau a few years ago. Aníta Briem will be on hand to talk about As long as we live, her new project, this time as creator. Inspired by her own experience, the series tells the story of a pop queen, now retired, nostalgic for her life "before". Anita Briem will reflect on her need to bring new and different female characters to the screen, grounded in reality. She will share the stage with Hordur Runarsson, her producer, who is working hard to create a favorable context around her project for a feminist, committed series that will enable her to make her voice heard.