#16 - Nicole Ferroni & David Elkaïm

  • 58 min

Speakers :

In this episode of Série Series l'émission, Marie Barraco and Pierre Zéni welcome two guests who are committed to meaningful fiction: actress Nicole Ferroni and scriptwriter David Elkaïm.

After a few years as a science teacher, Nicole Ferroni turned to the world of entertainment by putting on her one-woman show in 2010. A well-known face to television viewers, who have been able to follow her in shows such as On n'demande qu'en rire, or see her in the M6 series Peplvm, she has also imposed her voice on the radio, as a columnist on France Inter since 2013. Since 2019, she has played the role of Gaëlle Givors, a child psychiatrist at the Primevères clinic, in the refreshing France.TV series Mental Slash.

David Elkaïm is one of the screenwriters who have made the French fiction industry great. Interested in the serial format since his studies at the FEMIS in scriptwriting, he wrote several short films before becoming co-writer for the series Hénaut Président, broadcast in 2007 on Paris Première. In 2012, he took us into the intimacy of the church as co-writer for the brilliant Ainsi Soient-Ils, broadcast on Arte. This year, he invited us to the couch by co-writing En Thérapie (Arte), a success whose 35 episodes have already been seen by over 41 million people.

On the set of the show, Nicole Ferroni and David Elkaïm look back on their careers and the challenges that have marked them. They discuss the relationship between scriptwriters and actors, and the importance of works and characters that reflect society.