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#13 - Marguerite Abouet & Philippe Rebbot

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Episode 13 - Marguerite Abouet & Philippe Rebbot


This week in episode 13 of Série Series l'émission, Marie Barraco and Pierre Zéni welcome two talents who have been thrown into the world of series from other horizons. The first, a comic book author, was invited to become a screenwriter on a series in Africa which has become one of the continent's biggest hits. The second, an actor, found his way to series through encounters which have marked his career.

The general public first discovered the screenwriter Marguerite Abouet through her comic books: the first one, Aya de Yopougon (2005-2010) won an award at the Angoulême International Comics festival, has traveled around the world and has been adapted for the cinema. With her next titles, Akissi (10 volumes published in 10 years), Bienvenue (2021-2014) or Commissaire Kouamé (2017), she has well established herself in the landscape of French and international comics. In 2015, producer Alexandre Rideau called on her to develop with Charli Béléteau, and in collaboration with the NGO Raes, the script for C'est La Vie!, a Senegalese fiction series aiming at educating people about health through entertainment. The series, which now has 3 seasons, is broadcast with phenomenal success on A+, TV5 Monde, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, and is available in 6 languages. Marguerite Abouet comes back to her journey as an author in a generous exchange and discusses her serial journey, through a career as dense as her talent.

After encounters which led him behind the camera, including in stage management, Philippe Rebbot seized the opportunity to appear on camera and starred in various short and feature films. In 2006, he acted in his first series, Nos Enfants Chéris (Canal+). He then regularly returned to the small screen, notably for the series Hard (Canal+), Vernon Subutex (Canal+), Temps de Chien (Arte) or more recently, Calls or even L'Effondrement (Canal+). In 2018, he went back behind the screen and co-wrote and co-directed, with Romane Bohringer, their feature film L'Amour Flou. The film is currently being adapted into a TV series for Canal+.

In this episode, Marguerite Abouet and Philippe Rebbot talk about their career path, their work methods and philosophies, and the importance of encounters and the energy they get from those who work with them on a daily basis.

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