The Hunt For A Killer

  • 39 minutes

Speakers :

Sweden / SVT

When "true crime" brilliantly describes a traumatised society: a meeting with those who were inspired by a true story that made headlines in the 1980s in Sweden to make a breathtaking fiction. Interviewed by Nicola Lusuardi, the creative team of the series talks about the story from which they drew inspiration and the complex work of fiction around "true crime".

Inspired by a true story. In March 1989 in Hörby, southern Sweden, the murder of 10-year-old Helen Nilsson traumatized an entire nation. This seemingly unsolvable case remained unexplained for 15 years. On the night of Helen Nilsson's disappearance, around Easter, there were around 20 people in Hörby suspected of paedophilia. This is the prelude to The Hunt for a Killer , which follows the relentless investigation by Per-Åke Åkesson and Monica Olhed. These two police officers, leading a team that will solve numerous homicide cases in southern Sweden, will finally, against all odds, succeed in finding Helen's murderer.

Original idea: Lotta Erikson, Helene Lindholm - based on the book The Hunt For a Killer by Tobias Barkman Screenwriters: Lotta Erikson, Helene Lindholm Director: Mikael Marcimain Composer: Mattias Bärjed Production: Yellow Bird in co-production with SVT and Film i Skåne Producers: Helene Lindholm, Stefan Baron, Marianne Gray, Anna Croneman Broadcaster: SVT Distributor: Banijay Rights Starring: Anders Beckman, Lotten Roos, Håkan Bengtsson, Rasmus Troedsson Format: 6 x 45'. Release date: Autumn 2020

Contact: Chris Stewart - Commercial Director, Scripted, Banijay Rights