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Shuga Babi

  • 48 min

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The team  behind MTV Shuga Babi's second season talks about their involvement in the project, and their desire to use fiction to combine entertainment and prevention in this successful series, available on RTI and Youtube.

Our group of season1 are moving to adulthood and facing their past actions. Mateo, Sané and Rubi are working on building an artistic career while In Douahou institute a new generation are strarting to learn how to work to make their dream come true. Beware a dream can easily turn into a nightmare.

Original idea: MTV Staying Alive Foundation Screenwriters: Anne Bakoro Koné / Marina Niava / N'Goh Raymond Anne Bakoro Koné / Marina Niava / N'Goh Raymond Directors: Will Niava / Siam Marley Composer: Bumer Production: MTV Staying Alive Foundation ; season 2: MPM Film / Boucan Production Producers: Anna Mabille for SAF / Claire Gadéa and Marie-Pierre Macia for MPM Film / Boris Van Gils and Michael Goldberg for Boucan Production Broadcasters: RTI 2 / Orange TV / Youtube Cast: Grâce Noella Pokou, Rémy Adan, France Nancy Goulian, Ange Eric N'Guessan, Soukeina Alpha Koné, Reine Esther Toue, Mj Martialo, Carole Salimata Cissé, Prestige Kue, Goore Steven Bayen, Marie Victoire Amie, Caleb Guillaume Nassa, Rickya Gomez, Olivia Akpele, Malika Traoré, Bacome Niamba, Abraham Thiam, Siata Traoré, Prissy la Degammeuse Format: 8 x 22' Broadcast date: 23/01/2021

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