Russell T Davies

  • 53 minutes

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Russell T Davies gives us the honour of an exceptional interview. A multi-award winning author, active since the late 1980s, Russell T Davies has navigated between genres and media. This great name of British television has imposed his unique style in the world by developing remarkable fictions around homosexual communities (Queer as Folk, Cucumber / Banana ...) but also by resurrecting the mythical Doctor Who. With the impressive Years and Years (2019), he has once again shown his sharp eye on society and his talent for bringing to life on the screen infinitely complex and endearing characters. His new series for Channel 4, Boys , follows three young men affected by the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and will air in 2021.

Russell T Davies shares his rich experience and looks back on how he found, and affirmed, his unique voice during an exciting exchange with screenwriter Audrey Fouché ( Borgia, Les Revenants, Osmosis ).