• In conversation with

Maria Feldman & Kateryna Vishnevska

  • 31 min

Speakers :

War and creation

By shedding light on the tumult of the world, series become the expression of our culture, and reflect the vision of creators fully immersed in society. More than ever, we know that these stories nourish audiences' need to escape and discover, but also to learn, to discover different worlds and enrich their vision of the world. At a time when war is ravaging her country, Ukrainian producer Kateryna Vyshnevska invited Maria Feldman, an Israeli-American producer of Ukrainian origin, to discuss and exchange views on the impact of war and adversity on creation. How can we build a future for creators and the audiovisual industry in Ukraine, and what consequences can we expect from the crisis? Can war and adversity stimulate creativity? Israel has long established itself as a dynamic creative hotbed. What does this mean for Ukraine? And when war forces industry and people alike to reinvent themselves, what does it mean for us all?