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Germany / Joyn

A session sponsored by German Films.

Meet the creative team behind MaPa, a nugget of comedy-drama about grief and single parenthood in the 21st century. Self-defined as a "sad-com", MaPa takes a tender look at an atypical family. Writer and creator Alexander Lindh, director Jano Ben Chaabane and producer Laura Bull talk to Tasja Abel about the series, its journey and its future.

Let’s be honest. The male Homo Sapiens found wiping a snotty nose on the playground is still a rare species, even in a hipster hotbed like Berlin. Yet this is exactly the situation Metin finds himself in. After Emma, his girlfriend and mother of his 6-month-old daughter Lene, suddenly dies, there’s not much time for grieving – the baby needs care, 24/7. Metin always thought of himself as the epitome of the 21st Century Dad, but now, he is completely overwhelmed.

Screenwriter: Alexander Lindh Director: Jano Ben Chaabane Production: Readymade Films in co-production with Joyn and rbb Producer: Laura Bull Broadcaster: Joyn Distributor: Beta Film With: Max Mauff, Amelie Kiefer, Nicki von Tempelhoff, Lia von Blara, Lina Wendel, Maryam Zaree, Bastian Reiber... Format: 6x30''. Date of release: 16/04/2020

Contact: Leandra White - Festival Manager, Beta Film