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  • 67 minutes

Speakers :

Norway / NRK

Meet Melike Leblebicioglu, Bahareh Badavi and Tone C Ronning about NRK's first in-house production, a series that does not hesitate to combine societal issues with comedy. Sened Dahb will talk to the team about their story, their inspirations and the journey of the series.

With roots in four cultures, three friends are trying to strike a balance between expectations. These three characters try to navigate through adulthood with all the awkward situations, insecurities, uncomfortable everyday experiences and victories it entails.Iranian Fariba decides to play her minority card to get ahead in her professional life. Amrit, an untraditional Indian bar owner, discovers more pros than cons by sticking to his own kind. Helin is the dutiful Turkish daughter and doctor, and realises her parents have become far more liberal than herself. Simultaneously, their parents struggle with not interfering while their thirty-something children go through the growing pains of life.

Original idea: Melike Leblebicioglu, Bahareh Badavi Scriptwriters: Melike Leblebicioglu, Bahareh Badavi Director:Terje Rangnes Composer: Cuneyt Caglayan Production: NRK Producers: Tone C Rønning, Cecilie Nordstrøm Diffuser: NRK Distributor: TBA With: Selda Eikiz, Nasrin Khusrawi, Ravdeep Singh Bajwa... Format: 8 x 25'. Originalair date: Sept. 2020

Contact: Cecilie Nordstrøm - Producer, NRK