• 10 min

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Donna, Rottweiler and Angèle work together in a rural gang. Child labour has been legalised in Europe to repopulate the fields and substitute for the failing school system. Donna is the gang leader, she negotiates contracts with the farmers. Rottweiler, the foreman, manages the work in the fields. Angèle is the newbie, she has to work much harder than the others to prove her worth. Together with their companions, they are under pressure. If they don’t succeed in graduating from the gang, they could lose their livelihood. They must work better, faster and longer. But child workforce isn’t endless… 

Original idea: Elvire Muñoz Screenwriters: Elvire Muñoz, Étienne Chédeville Production: Ego Productions Producers: Nathalie Suhard, Pascale Breugnot Format: 8 x 52''.

Contact : Elvire Munoz, scriptwriter