Bad Apples

  • 56 minutes

Speakers :

Finland / Elisa Viihde, Nelonen

Mia Ylönen, Mikko Pöllä and Roope Lehtinen talk to Dominic Schrieber about the origins and challenges of their project Bad Apples: a psychological thriller set in a 1970s psychiatric hospital.

Bad Apples takes place in a mental asylum in the Helsinki archipelago. In 1973, a young, driven student activist Onerva is sent to the institute against her will. The authorities – and even her husband – paint Onerva as an aggressive troublemaker. Soon after her arrival, Onerva realizes that the patients’ coveted “home-treatments” actually take place in a closed-off bunker on the island. While trying to maintain her sanity, Onerva investigates the reality behind the controversial treatment practices. Will she find out the truth before the institute’s mind-bending treatment breaks her? Are all these women sent to the island to be silenced, or are they actually mentally ill?

Original idea: Mia Ylönen, Mikko Pöllä, Roope Lehtinen Screenwriters: Mia Ylönen, Ulla Heikkilä, Mikko Myllylahti Directors: Marja Pyykkö, Pamela Tola Composer: Antti Lehtinen Production: Fire Monkey Producers: Roope Lehtinen (EP), Hannu Kalliolahti (EP), Saara Kankaanpää Broadcasters: Elisa Viihde, Nelonen Distributor: Lagardère Studios Distribution With: Satu Tuuli Karhu, Armi Toivonen, Santeri Kinnunen, Marjaana Maijala Format: 8x45''. Date of broadcast: Spring 2021